Saturday, September 17, 2011

Blog post #4

Mr. Dell,
I really enjoyed your podcast. I am a student in Dr. Strange’s EDM 310 class. I am an education major focusing in secondary science. I have watched many podcast in my college career, but I have never created one myself. Your video was very informative and interesting. I love the idea of incorporating podcasts into schools, I know I have really benefited from them. They are so nice because you can watch them on your own time, and if you were unable to understand a certain part you can just replay it. I know I will include podcasts into my education system once I become a teacher! Thank you so much for this informative video.
100 ways to use your Ipod to learn and study better
I never knew there were so many different applications or ways to study on an Ipod. I have an Ipod and an Iphone, I am going to start taking advantage of all of these applications. I wish I would have known about these programs throughout college, they would have been so useful. I think these programs are great for students, almost everyone has an Ipod or Iphone now days; they are easy to carry which means studying can be done anywhere.
The Educational Podcast Network
The educational podcast network seems like an outstanding idea. What could be a better way for teachers to share their information and skills than through a podcast? This is an excellent idea, I know I would take advantage of the information available if I was a already a teacher. Being able to share their ideas and information with other teachers who have similar interests seems like a great ideal

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  1. I hope these helped in your preparation for your podcast.