Sunday, December 4, 2011

Blog Post # 14

In this video the narrator discusses the top 10 tips for using technology in the classroom. He says the first tip would be to stream videos in collaboration with your lessons. The second tip was to incorporate music into your classroom because teenagers love music. I really think this is a great idea it can also allow the students to feel more comfortable with the teacher. He then suggested that teachers use teleconferencing tools such as skype to interview people. In my class this would potentially include scientists. Most of the students would probably never have another opportunity to do this.
His next tip was to create your own interactive exercises for students. This is a tip that I will without a doubt implement in my classroom. He suggested that teachers learn how to use their interactive white boards more effectively and to create podcasts to excite the students about your lessons. Facebook and other social networks can also be used in the classroom because there are areas where you can have closed groups that would be only for your students. The narrator also wants teachers to take advantage of the tools the internet has and encourages classroom blogs and wiki’s. With our advanced technology oriented society, most students will also have some sort of cell phone, even an Iphone in many cases. He suggests we take advantage of the tools these high tech phones have as well. The last and final tip he shared on his video was to only use technology when it helped teachers to achieve their lesson objectives.

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