Sunday, October 9, 2011


In the Creation of the Life Long Learner, Pernille begins by describing how curious and creative children are. She believes students come to school with this curiosity and schools are not responsible for it, even though many claim to be. She wants schools to encourage “maintaining life-long learners” instead of trying to “create” them. We don’t suddenly stop learning once we graduate college. We need to teach our children that they will continue learning new things forever. I want my students and children to be as creative as they can, and to enjoy learning. I chose to be a teacher because I want to make a difference in children’s lives. I also believe they will teach me new things I had no idea about, for we are all life-long learners. I want to encourage my student’s creativity and desire to learn, not just in my classroom but far beyond it as well.

It takes people to make a change not the Government

Diego is a 15 year old student from Puerto Rico. He seems like an extremely bright boy who knows his country is in trouble. He realizes that many children around the world don’t get the privilege to go to school and he intends on taking full advantage of the opportunities he has been given. He wants to impact the world and make a difference; he knows education is the key to doing this.
I am inspired by his post, he seems like an amazing person. I love how his enthusiasm comes through in his writing. I also believe education is the key to solve problems. It’s hard to make a difference sometimes but he seems so determined and has such a desire to do so, I really think he could make a change in his country!

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