Sunday, October 16, 2011

Blog Post #8

Is this how we dream?
Dr. Miler believes we are in “the greatest change in human communication, in history. We are moving from a paper society to a listening and watching society. ” We can research not only at our college library but at so many different places through the internet. He gave an example of a paper he wrote on the Virginia Tech violence without even leaving his desk.
 Before the internet, libraries had only a single copy of research material, but online, people around the world can look at the same document at the same time. Every day we are moving more and more to a multi media based society. As educators, we need to be able to teach our students how to examine and dissect information.
Through multi-media we can combine word documents with sounds and visuals. Websites now can offer interviews and feedback right on their pages. We have immediate updates right in front of our faces online. He believes educators should share their ideas freely and not hold onto them, after all our job is to enlighten these children.
Carly’s Blog post
It is really clear how enthusiastic Carly is and how much she wants to help her students! She is going to be an amazing teacher one day. I love her idea to create a playlist on YouTube, and the topics she has chosen are great!  I also think it is important for teachers to have a philosophy to help students succeed. She really understood what Dr. Miller was discussing about multi-media.
The chipper series and EDM310 for dummies
I really enjoyed these two videos. I think we have all been a little overwhelmed with EDM 310. But I really liked the message in the videos. We are becoming adults and that means we are going to have to work for things, they aren’t going to just be handed to us. I know this class is difficult for a reason and all of our hard work is going to pay off. I have already learned so many new things. I made a book trailer today; I am so proud of all of the projects we have done in this class.
Learn to change, Change to learn
“School is just one of the places students learn, they also learn through their community, friends and family, and online.” We limit student’s computer time in schools and ban cell phones, but this technology doesn’t have to be limited. “We have a classroom system where we could have a community system.”  There are so many advantages to having technology in the classroom; we shouldn’t hinder students practice and understanding.  They believe we should start with teachers to get to the children. They have created a place where teachers can interact with teachers from around the world.  Students don’t need the “right answer vending machine” information given to them to ensure they pass standardized tests; they need skills like problem solving and being able to research and sort out the relevant information.


  1. Hi Audrey,

    You did a great job summarizing all the different blogs. I liked reading Mr. Miller's blog. I am a big fan of multimedia and would love using it to create projects instead of using pen and paper. I agree that Carly did an excellent job with her blog and will be a great teacher some day. I like what that you said about how as adults we have to work for things,that they won't just be handed to us. That statement is very true and needs to be acknowledged more often. You did a great job writing your blog and keep up the good work!

  2. Pictures and links are a requirement for every blog post. A lot of students like to make the subtitles into links. For example, the words "Carly's Blog Post" would be a clickable link to get to Carly's blog post. It keeps the page more organized and readers will know what post or video you're writing about.