Sunday, August 28, 2011

Blog Post #1. Randy Pausch lecture: time management

Pausch said that “managing your time well makes you successful” I completely agree with this statement. He said a great way to do this is to use Covey’s four quadrant model to do list. In this model you are supposed to separate your tasks into important and due soon which is number one on your priority level, not important and due soon which should be third on your priority list, important and not due soon which is the second most important, and finally not important and not due soon which is last on priority level. It is crucial to follow the sequence of the list or it will be pointless. Pausch also said that clutter often leads to inefficient time management. He suggests that you find a system of organization that works for you and then actually use it! For me, this is easy to say and much more difficult to actually do, it just takes practice and the effort of following through with your goals. You also need to be able to balance work life with school and any other priorities you may have in your daily life. Make time for important things by NOT doing the things that are NOT important. “Procrastination is the thief of time”, Pausch stated. Procrastination is one of my most unattractive qualities. I have a tendency to put things off until the last minute, when I often have time to do it earlier in the week. Mr. Pausch is a prime example of a person who is excellent at time management. He doesn’t have much time left and he wants to make the most of the time he does have. I hope I can follow some of his helpful tips to help manage my time and improve my study habits and organizational skills for the fall semester.

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